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suu2_thumb_80.jpgDrowning in Love
(Asia Times) Aung San Suu Kyi has been canonized as a champion of democracy while pursuing a path of increasing irrelevance -- and one has led directly to the other .... more >>


80_militia.jpgEconomic Sanctions: Que Sera, Sera
(Asia Times)  When the US imposed sanctions on Burma,  diplomats suggested that the move reflected America's failure to come to grips with realities in the region ...  more >>

mickey_thumb.jpgEconomic Disneyland
(Asia Times)  The similarities between Haiti and Burma are striking -- and suggest that sanctions are likely to be counterproductive  ... more>>


albright_thumb.jpgBurma, ASEAN and the Politics of Responsibility
(Asia Times)  Washington's romanticism towards Burma is increasingly clashing with  ASEAN's more hard-headed pragmatism ... more>>


80_protest_80.jpgAll's Fair in the Image War
(Asia Times)  In the media battle over Burmese politics, says democracy leader Aung San Suu Kyi, "We sometimes think we have a secret friend in the government" ... more >>


mcconnellTHUMB.jpgSanctions Realities
(Asia Times)  When the US imposed sanctions on Burma, was it supporting human rights -- or merely playing domestic politics?  ... more>>