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80_VIETNAM_HO.jpgThe Next War in Vietnam
(Insight)  Vietnam's shift to a free market has drawn in global investors expecting an economic boom. But American business, warn some advisors, is getting shut out … more>>

80_%20ADVERT.jpgAdvertisers Target New, Improved Myanmar
(Asia Times)  As Burma's long-neglected economy slowly develops, a strange and disturbing phenomenon is starting to appear:  advertising ...  more>>


80_GATTW.jpgIn Global Trade Talks, a Fight Over Farming
(Insight)  When the world's top negotiators met in Montreal to hammer out a new trade agreement, Europe and the United States ended up in a food fight ... more>>

80_banking.jpgIn Unsettled Burma, Banking Goes Underground
(Asia Times)  Myanmar's restricted banking system forces much of the economy underground -- and into the arms of black market bankers ... more>>


china_thumb.jpgFor China, Getting Rich is Glorious -- But Slow
(Insight)  Is Mao Zedong turning in his casket?  China is going through its biggest revolution yet -- toward full-throttle capitalism ... more >>