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In Wales, It's Back to the Old Family Castle
(The Washington Post)  A chance discovery leads to a writer to reclaim -- if only for a night -- the castle built by his 26th great-grandfather, back in the 11th Century ... more>>


In The Eye of India's Tigers
(The Washington Post)  India's Ranthambhore National Park may be the best place on earth to search for the fast-vanishng Royal Bengal Tiger.  But be careful what you wish for ... more>>

Surf's Up!
(The Washington Post) With its spectacular coastline and consistent waves, the Caribbean island of Barbados is starting to attract some serious, world-class surfers.  And then there's me ... more>>


Visit Myanmar - That's an Order
(World Hum)  In 1996, the military junta governing Myanmar decided to launch a huge tourism promotion scheme.  The travel industry may never be the same ....  ...  more>>


For a Cultural Vacation with Kids,  Think Outside the Frame
(The Washington Post)  Spending four days exploring contemporary art in New York with kids in tow may seem like madness.  But it doesn't have to be ...  more>>


80_angkor.jpgAngkor Wat: Just Add Water
(The Washington Post)  The temples of Angkor are among the greatest wonders of Asia,  but they're being overrun with tourists.  The solution?   Visit when the rains come ...  more>>

80_babytoes.jpgFeet Accompli in St Michaels, Maryland
(The Washington Post)  Shamed into getting the first pedicure of his life, one writer discovers a cold-weather getaway on Maryland's Eastern Shore ...

80_chauntha.jpgAn Unlikely Paradise on the Bay of Bengal
(Asia Times)
  After eight long hours on the road from Yangon, Chaung Tha is a delight. Palm trees sweep along the beach, and the only sound is the cursing of enraged Belgians .... more >>


80_cambodiamodern.jpgCity Guide: Phnom Penh Modern
(Modernism Magazine)  Phnom Penh is undergoing a renewal, but many worry that the great architectural buildings of the 1960s may not survive ...

80_ozaki.jpgFirst Ascent: Ozaki Summits Burma's Highest Peak
(Asia Times)  Japanese alpinist Takashi Ozaki has conquered some of the toughest mountains in the Himalayas. But he has one thing to say about Hkakabo Razi:  Never again ...  more >>