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80organs.jpgBody Brokers: The Global Trade in Human Organs
(Insight)  Squatting in an alley in the Indian slum, the man runs his finger along the scar below his rib cage.  "This is where they cut me open to get the kidney out," he says ... more >>

80_rio.jpgThe Murder of Rio's Street Kids
(Insight)  On the mean streets of Rio, kids as young as 5 and 6 years old have taken to crime. Now death squads are imposing their own, brutal system of justice ... more>>

80_franklin.jpgThe Dirty Business of Money Laundering
(Insight)  In the war on illegal drugs, the best strategy may be to follow the money trail ... wherever it may lead ... more>>

80_elephant.jpgFrom Kenya to Hong Kong, a Secret Trail of Illegal Ivory
(Insight)  Africa's elephants are being decimated by thriving international traffic in illegal ivory -- and there may be little that conservationists can do about it ... more >>

80_parthenon3.jpgAwash in Scandal, Greece Wrestles its Political Furies
(Insight)  Major scandals having been breaking over the past year, revealing just how corrupt  Greece's ruling Pasok party really is ... more>>


80_heroinW.jpgIn the Land of China White
(Insight)  A river of heroin runs from the opium fields of Burma to the streets of North America, and more is coming in every day ... more>>