Stephen Brookes                                                          

atephen_brookes_1.jpgStephen Brookes is a journalist based in Washington, DC, and a classical music critic for The Washington Post.

 He’s been an editor and foreign correspondent for most of the past three decades, writing for publications including Newsweek, The Washington Post, Asia Times, Insight, The Far Eastern Economic Review, USA Today, Architectural Digest and many others.

Formerly a speechwriter for the Ambassador of the European Union, Brookes has also been an editor of Europe magazine, managing editor of the weekly newsmagazine Insight, Rangoon bureau chief for the newspaper Asia Times and -- in an earlier lifetime -- a classical and jazz musician.

With a background in diplomacy and international economics, he's made a specialty of in-depth, investigative reports on dramatic issues such as death squads in Brazil, elephant poachers in Africa, India's trade in human organs, political upheaval in Haiti and many others. But he also writes extensively on politics, economics, foreign affairs, culture and the arts, with a particular focus on contemporary music.  He recently spent five years in Burma (Myanmar), where he established a bureau for the newspaper Asia Times and became the first full-time foreign correspondent in that country since 1962.

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He's also a widely-published photographer, has written and directed two documentary films, and has appeared many times as a commentator on CNN, C-SPAN, National Public Radio and the BBC’s East Asia Today. He's married with two daughters.

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