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80_mutter.jpgAnne-Sophie Mutter, Reluctant Goddess
(The Washington Post)  "I look pretty grim and gruesome when I play," admits the violinist.  "But I'm not in the mood to smile while I'm playing. I'm there to transmit the music!" more >>

robert_thumb_80WEB.jpgPatrick Robert Reinvents the World
(Architectural Digest)  Patrick Robert is looking up into a mango tree and laughing. "Burma is the only country," he says, "where the chickens live in the trees" ... more >>


80_friedman.jpgIn Conversation: Jefferson Friedman
(The Washington Post)  In the latest section of his trilogy on outsider artists, composer Jefferson Friedman delves into the strange, disturbing world of Henry Darger ...  more>>


80_kitt.jpgIn Conversation: Eartha Kitt
(The Washington Post)  She's been setting men on fire for more than fifty years -- but the original sex kitten, now 80, shows no sign of slowing down ...

adamo_thumb.jpgComposer Mark Adamo, Wild at Harp
(The Washington Post) He's the fastest-rising opera composer in the country.  So why is Mark Adamo back at the Kennedy Center, premiering a harp concerto? more >>


Samuel Pisar's Warning to the World
(The Washington Post) Samuel Pisar survived Auschwitz and went on to become one of the most influential economic analysts of his time.  His most lasting legacy, though, may come from his friendship with Leonard Bernstein ...  more >>